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Lana Del Rey for H&M



So how awesome is it that Lana Del Rey is the new face for H&M high street? 

(Source: Daily Mail)

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Paris Bombay Handbags


DIY: Chic Cap-Toe Ballet Flats

Super-adorable and simple way to revive and classify plain flats! (via College Fashion)

How the CHANEL Classic Flap Bag is Made

Ahh yes, the classic, iconic Chanel-it bag! I have always loved watching “How It’s Made” on the Discovery channel but this, would be the absolute best episode if it were ever an episode. Style Republic Magazine's editor-in-chief was lucky enough to take the journey with Chanel into the construction of this timeless art piece and share these photos. 

Today in #trending news: Insta-fb & Raf-Dior

#FacebookGoesHipster - If you haven’t heard (which, surely you must have) Facebook just purchased Instragram for a whopping $1 billion dollars (that equals a thousand millions - yes sadly I had to Google that, its something I’ve never really quite grasped the number of - not sure why since I love money) . Anywho, I guess this acquisition goes hand in hand with the concept of Facebook “timeline” as our timelines are about to portray a more vintage-esque story. I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of the fact that the exclusivity feeling of having instagram won’t be quite the same once this transition happens. (via Mashable)

On another note…

#RafSimmonsTakesOverDior - The anticipation can finally be relieved as Dior has announce it’s newest artistic director, Raf Simmons. Simmons’ work with Jil Sander has been much more minimalist and his persona appears more level-minded then…  John Galliano that’s for sure. This could be a good thing for Dior… I mean, I’m sure it is a good thing. It’ll be intriguing to see what creative spin he brings to Dior. (via NY Times)

Welcome to my collection of things I adore and awe about.

xo Van